There are a number of ways Aerobika* OPEP device can be obtained by hospitals of clinics in the UK. These are outlined below. Please contact info [at] for further help and information.


Purchasing Aerobika* OPEP device for a Hospital or Clinic

There are potentially two ways of purchasing Aerobika* OPEP device for a hospital or clinic.

  1. From AAH pharmaceutical wholesalers via your pharmacy department or
  2. Directly from Trudell Medical UK Limited, providing a direct account has been set up


AAH Wholesaler through the Pharmacy Dept.

Below are the order codes for Aerobika* OPEP device for AAH and for purchasing directly from Trudell Medical UK Limited.

Description Product Code AAH Code PIP Code Available on Prescription NHS List Price per unit Units per Case Price per Case
Aerobika* OPEP device 11050169010 AER94A 406-0067 Yes £45.50 10 £455.00
Aerobika* OPEP Device with Manometer 11050491010 AER95T 406-0323 No £55.00 No £550.00


Orders for delivery to a hospital pharmacy/AAH account delivery point, can be placed through the national wholesaler AAH: Hospital Customer Services Tel: 0344 561 6699. Orders are subject to 20% VAT. Delivery is free of charge and start at a single unit.


Direct Purchase from Trudell Medical UK Limited

If you require deliveries to a specific place in the hospital or clinic, then you may prefer to set up an account with Trudell Medical UK Limited and order from us directly. It can take 7 – 10 days to set up a direct account with Trudell Medical UK Limited. However, once set up, order to delivery takes about a week.

Minimum order is for one whole case. Each case contains ten Aerobika* OPEP units. Orders are subject to 20% VAT and £5.00 delivery charge. Delivery fees are waived for orders of two cases or more.

If you would like to set up a direct account with Trudell Medical UK Limited, please contact info [at] and we will direct your application to the correct member of our team.



Complimentary Aerobika* Device Demonstration Kit

To obtain a demonstration kit for patient training purposes, please click below and we will arrange to for a kit to be sent out to you.


Request Complimentary Demonstration Kit



Further Resources

Aerobika* OPEP device - Care Instructions for Patients (PDF Download)

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